The Locals


      Don Neumiller

Don has been a student of H.D Goswami  and a practitioner of Bhakti-yoga since 1979.  Originally from North Dakota, he first discovered Srila Prabhupada's books while living there.  In early 1979, while traveling south for the winter, he visited the ISKCON temple in New Orleans and then moved to the ISKCON New Talavan farm community near Carriere, MS, deciding to devote all of his time and energy to his spiritual practices.  While living at and near that community, Don developed a successful wholesale business and recently moved, with his wife, Shree, to Baton Rouge to help develop the Krishna West programs for southern Louisiana.


     Shree Neumiller

Shree hails from Long Island, NY and first became aquainted with ISKCON in 1976. While traveling to New Orleans for Jazz Fest she changed her plans and decided to dedicate her life fully to the practice of Bhakti-yoga. She has been a student of H.D. Goswami since 1977 and is his first female student. Along side her spiritual practices she decided to return to school and earn a Masters degree in children's education.  She has recently moved to the Baton Rouge area to work with her husband Don, hoping to share her experiences and spiritual practices with the good people of southern Louisiana.